In Other Words

A Contextualized Dictionary to Problematize Otherness

Operational steps

Thank you for your interest in the project!

Here is how you can contribute to the development of the dictionary.

  1. If you have a keyword you wish to discuss, you can write an email to info at iowdictionary dot org, or to one of the members of the Editorial Board at their email addresses @iowdictionary (please, click on ‘Authors’ for contacts and details).
  2. In this email, you can say why you think this keyword is relevant to the dictionary providing a short proposal up to 200 words.
  3. Once the keyword is accepted by the Editorial Board, you will be given the name of the Editor who will follow you throughout the path (to whom you can ask for advice and suggestions) and you will provide her with your biodata (about 150 words) which will be linked to your keyword. You will then be given a dedicated link.
  4. Such a link will allow you to write directly online your keyword, which though will not be visible publicly. In case you envision a co-author, s/he will have your same link, and her/his biodata should be provided, too.
  5. Please, note that your personal link to the keyword expires after 30 days. If you need more time to write your keyword, you can write an email to your Editor and the expiry date will be extended.
  6. Please read carefully the instructions given in KEYWORDS - Rationale and Structure.
  7. Once you have completed editing your keyword, you can click on the button ‘editing completed’ (bottom right of the page connected to your link), and there will begin the revision process. In that stage, what is visible publicly will be your keyword (with the writing ‘this word is being edited’) linked to your name as Author with your Biodata.
  8. The revision process is blind peer-reviewed. You will be able to see the comments (anonymous) and modify your text accordingly by returning to the option ‘editing in progress’.
  9. When, at the end of the procedure, the reviewing committee and the Editiorial Board think your keyword is ready, it will be published online on the public page of the web application.
  10. Please note that the number of words for each entry is between 1,500-2,500 words.
  11. All images, link to videos, etc. cannot be uploaded directly, but are to be sent separately to your Editor, and will be uploaded by the Editorial Board.
  12. For further info, please refer to: info at iowdictionary dot org.


Welcome on board!