In Other Words

A Contextualized Dictionary to Problematize Otherness

How to join

We welcome your collaboration to IOW dictionary! 

You can propose a keyword, or contact the Editorial Board for suggestions at: info at iowdictionary dot org.

If you wish to join the project you can propose a keyword. All keywords can be approached from different analytical and/or cultural perspectives

In order to collaborate with IOW,  it is necessary to share the project's intents and follow the outline of its structure as seen on the Menu Keywords: Rationale and Structure, and Covid-19

The project has a unity of contents, aims and modality. Its procedural method goes together with its content: it is a collaborative and collective project based on a firm critical, ethical, and political stance, aimed at favoring social engagement and social justice through participation and discussion.

The dictionary is constructed as a site for developing and sharing critical intercultural awareness of how words contribute to the (re)production of Otherness. Each keyword you aim to propose will address two main questions

  • how is this word used, mobilised, disseminated to (re)produce a form of Otherness?
  • how can such a narrative be problematised and possibly subverted through critical analysis and some creative proposals – images, visual arts, poems, etc.?

Another important element to consider is the linguistic register. Since one of the aims of the project is to reach different types of audiences, a particular care has to be dedicated to the language used, that should follow scientific rigour and methodology, while avoiding academic jargon. For example, if a complex word or concept needs to be used, it will be followed by a short explanation. 

Once you have chosen the keyword/s you want to explore and discuss, you can contact the Editorial Board with your proposal, illustrating why you think it is relevant for the dictionary. Once the keyword is accepted, you can write it, and submit the draft to the Editorial Board so that it can go under a revision process. 

Submissions of proposals are ongoing.

All keywords are blind peer-reviewed. When the process is done, the keyword gets back to you with comments, suggestions, amendments to typos, etc. At that stage, you can do the final revision of your keyword that will be then published online.

For details about the operational steps, please click here